Gigaset Maxwell 10

Unlimited connectivity

Maxwell 10 connects to just about any device, any technology, at any time. With full USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, LAN, Wi-Fi, RJ-9 and RJ-9/45 compatibility, Maxwell 10 works seamlessly with a huge selection of devices ranging from keyboards and headsets, to projectors, routers, monitors and computers – for the ultimate in office convenience that enables the maximum in productivity. And Maxwell also supports full cloud and Google account connectivity, so users can access contact lists, calendars and all external data quickly and easily. Simply put: Maxwell 10 is the perfect fit for any office.

Business Apps easy to include

The handy Office app lets users work with presentations, spreadsheets, and documents right from their Maxwell 10, while the IP Cam Viewer app offers convenient remote monitoring of external work sites. Plus, with productivity apps from Skype, LinkedIn, and many others, Maxwell 10 delivers convenience that only a true full-featured office communication device can. What´s more, every app is a snap to launch and a pleasure to use, thanks to Maxwell 10´s intuitive, multi-touch-enabled interface.