Gigaset Maxwell 10

The evolution of business communication

The way the world does business is changing rapidly – and your office communication devices need to keep up. That’s why we built the amazing new Maxwell 10. Maxwell is an all-in-one business communication marvel that does it all – from high-quality corded, DECT and VoIP phoning, to videoconferencing, e-mailing, web browsing, business apps and more. Combining the power, convenience, and expandability of a multi-featured, multitouch-enabled mobile computing platform with the superb comfort and sound quality of traditional desktop telephony, Maxwell 10 ushers in a whole new era of advanced communication solutions for modern business professionals.

The Customization.
Suits your business.

We developed the Maxwell to fit seamlessly into your office environment. Needless to say, this device is easily adaptable to meet your specific requirements, with a modular construction and a range of handset and mounting options.

Pleasing to the ear

Maxwell 10 offers you the choice; advanced wired or wireless handset or no handset at all. The handsets are both ergonomically ideal and built to support all your conversations, every day. Both handsets feature HD Voice technology that provides you optimal sound quality. Users can also connect their choice of additional handset options, like a USB or Bluetooth solution.

The Apps. Flexibility you choose.

The Maxwell connects you to a selection of more than 600,000 business apps to suit every professional taste. The choice is yours. Install the apps that support the way you do business, and make your Maxwell even smarter.